New Years Eve
at Hedonism II

New Year's Week
Dec 28, 2018 to Jan 5, 2021
Our 4th group trip over New Years Hedonism II swinger lifestyle trip
We have set the dates for next year's trip to Hedonism II. Cum with us for another clothing optional week of body shots and more erotic fun!! Hedonism II is adults only, all inclusive with all usual bar drinks, room, nude beach, nude hot tub, theme
nights and more included in one price.

Hedonism II Sexy Silver II
Oct 3 to 10, 2020

Sexy by the Pool Sex in the pool and that is just the day time!

Join us and all the Sexy Silvers 45 and over this October where we do things the doctors tell us we can no longer do! Bring those little blue pills and ladies don't bend over unless you mean it!  

Sexy Silver Winter Escape

The trip is full of Seasoned Swingers who know how to have fun.  You'll need a vacation when you get back!

February 6 - 13, 2021
Our Sexy Silver group is designed for mature couples 45 and older who no longer play games, They just play!
This trip is not for the faint of heart. See your doctor before you go and make sure your ticker can take the strain! .

Sexy Silver May

Yes and Diving is Included at Hedonism II

May 1 to 8, 2021
Sexy Silver the Big Bang!
.You can dive everyday if you wish, If you have an open water certificate, bring it with you as they have all the gear and you can swim with the fishes so to speak.  If you wish to get certified they can do that as well in just a few days.  PADI certifications good all over the world.


Maybe the biggest swinger site in the USA, but there are couples from all over the world.

Lots' of couples in your area, certifcations for couples and a "hot date" section. It's also free to join... it does limit photos until you pay to join.